nous Consulting  (now operating from Palmerston North)
Do you wish to automate manual processes? We have the experience! 

Click on individual links above for detail. Each page has a detailed case-study and our customer tells the tale in their own words.

Click to view on YouTube (A) Narrative of system design process (B) System model walk-through

These videos take the viewer through a practical example of how we have studied complex processes and translated the process to programmed procedures. This results in a consistent operation with a very high degree of accuracy that may be relied upon for delivery of customer service to a high standard and meeting customer expectations,

These examples give a flavour of how systems can be customised to individual user requirements. All cases portray situations where off-the-shelf packages were not meeting the user's requirements OR the user wanted a system where no off-the-shelf package existed and we not only conceptualised and designed the model but also implemented the system, trained the staff in its use and supported the system.

Our experience extends to many different scenarios covering small, medium and large enterprises both for profit and not for profit and a more extensive list is available on request. In that list you may find cases that may reflect your situation more closely but if you have a specific requirement please contact us for an exploratory chat.