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Automate manual validation of claims

Goodman Fielder had a high volume of transactions with a national customer and correspondingly a large volume of claims in relation to quantity and price disputes. Claim documents, each running to several pages in Microsoft Word format were received via e-mail. They had to be printed and then manually compared against the invoices line by line to identify the exact items constituting the short-payments for investigation

The manual process of investigation was naturally extremely time consuming and the management was looking for a way to speed up the process.

After reviewing the process we proposed a bespoke solution that facilitated the import of the claims data and the invoice data into a dedicated multi-user database. 

Programmed procedures were developed that automated the import and matching of the two sets of data in minutes and displayed the results on a screen so that the members of the accounting team could review and validate the credit note raised by the customer and either dispute it OR accept the discrepancy and identify the reasons and take corrective action. 

As the whole process was electronic the time taken was speeded up considerably and the team could be confident on the integrity of the matching process and the conclusions drawn. The system also generated a very good audit trail. 

Watch a short YouTube video stepping through the live process and see for yourself!