nous Consulting  (now operating from Palmerston North)
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Contract Management System for consulting firm

ECS Limited is based in Auckland and offers a range of electrical and building consultancy services principally to Architects, Supermarkets and Property Development firms throughout New Zealand.

The Managing Director was keen to revamp  the time recording and billing process and knew conceptually exactly how he wanted it to function. Consulting work is time intensive and the business needs to keep track of time spent by engineers and staff not only in order to refine and fine-tune the quotations (because a fair quotation wins customers)  but also as a performance monitoring tool.

A lot of time was spent by the Managing Director from the start of the project in designing the specifications of  the system and refining it as the system took shape.

Nous Consulting developed  the new system to spec. The system was built on a Microsoft Access platform for use in the business as a multi-user application.

The system records all jobs in sufficient detail to inform the proposal and negotiation stages as also to set targets for orders secured.

Staff now log their time on projects daily. Work-in-progress can be monitored against the budget set up on individual projects. Progress billing on projects is prompt, and facilitated by up to the minute review of the status of the project available from the new system which also deals very effectively with the firms complex invoicing format.

Standard Summary and detailed reports may be prepared at the 'click-of-a-button' and the object of the report may be selected very easily using a combination of drop-down boxes and intelligent auto-defaults set-up.