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Costing system and work-in-progress monitoring

Fibreglass Developments Limited is a proven market leader in the development and marketing of high quality fibre-reinforced plastic products and services.

Based in Feilding, New Zealand, their specialty is developmental work on behalf of clients, whether designing improvements to an existing product or developing a totally new product whose generic form is not normally produced in composites.

Product costing is a vital element of the company's business. The Managing Director needed a system that could be relied upon to prepare accurate quotes based on the latest prices quoted by suppliers.

The quote was required to be saved in the system and able to be called up and revised in case of changes to the customers requirements.

They needed to be able to retrieve the quote quickly, make the appropriate changes and re-send the quote to the customer.

Upon acceptance the quote was required to be converted to a work order and the Managing Director wanted to be able to track the progress of the order and compare actual cost against the quote.

Also calculate the  value of work-in-progress and system-generated reports on profitability by workshop and by customer.

Nous Consulting custom-designed and delivered a costing system encompassing a quotation-builder, work-in-progress monitoring and control, time-recording and progress billing exchanging data via electronic interfaces with their payroll and accounting systems. The result was an online, multi-user record of business transactions, accessible instantly via customized menus, and with reliable data integrity.