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Order Tracking System for Robert Embroideries

 “We had wanted to install an order tracking system for a few years now, however everyone we talked to was trying to make the job a lot bigger and more complex that what we actually needed.  When we met Girish from Nous he got it!  He worked with us to make an extremely simple program that would do just what we wanted, to track our orders.  It has been a game changer for our business.” - Nicky Roberts - Director


Robèrt Embroideries is a locally owned and operated family business in the heart of Palmerston
North…. a one-stop shop for all the uniform and embroidery needs of their customers. 

Specialists in embroidery branding and uniforms they have been helping teams throughout New
Zealand present a polished, professional image since 1882.

Growth brings its challenges and seeing the volume of growth through their doors they were keen to
revamp their manual order tracking system and were open to suggestions. They needed to respond
quickly and accurately to customer enquiries …on phone and in person. The layout of the process
and the path of an order through the various stations was not standard and once the job was “on
the floor” they needed to know where exactly it was in the process so that they could advise the
customer of progress and anticipated changes in delivery dates if warranted.

Of over-riding importance was the fact that they did not want the system to be too complex – “an
easy to operate system that could achieve everything they wanted”.

Nous Consulting listened to their requirements, studied the process and came up with a solution
integrating mobile scanning software with a bespoke Microsoft Access database program. The
scanning software was to be ma de available at each station and the scanning process provided real-
time updates to the bespoke Order Tracking System for every progress of the order through the
manufacturing process.

Responding to customer enquiries was now quick and accurate and took as much time as was
necessary to search for the order in progress – a couple of seconds!!!