nous Consulting  (now operating from Palmerston North)
Do you wish to automate manual processes? We have the experience! 

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Business process automation / Customised system solutions

We recognise that businesses often experience difficulty sourcing systems that really meet their  needs. Off-the shelf systems seldom deliver all that a  business requires and tailoring off-the-shelf packages can be time consuming and costly. 

Many businesses also struggle to find solutions to speeding up manual processes and the absence of economic solutions result in delays and cost escalations that cut into profitability.

Our solution is custom-designed systems! 

Our consultants have developed expertise in partnering with business owners and  senior managers, understanding the unique requirements of the business and custom designing and developing  economically priced software solutions that deliver what the business really needs. We have been in business in Auckland for over twenty years with bespoke systems solutions implemented at a range of sites including Air New Zealand, Goodman Fielder (complex automation project) and Fonterra and now offer services from our new home base in Palmerston North.

Read about how we have worked to satisfy customers needs and schedule a meeting to get a better idea of how we can partner with you to benefit your business and enhance business performance.

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